Become a Patron

Becoming a Patron of the Soldiers of Shropshire Museum helps secure the future of the collections and provides an enduring platform to inspire our audiences with the contributions sacrifices of the Shropshire Regiments over nearly 300 years.

The Commitment:

By becoming a Life Patron you would sign a Direct Debit mandate agreeing to commit to supporting the Museum during your lifetime by making a minimum monthly gift-aided donation of £25. As examples:

  • A monthly donation of £100 increases to £1500 per year after Gift Aid
  • A donation of £50 increases to £750 per year
  • A donation of £25 increases to £375 per year

The benefits to you:

  • You can claim Income Tax Relief on your donation. To donate £1 you pay:
    • 80p if a basic rate taxpayer
    • 60p if a higher rate taxpayer
    • 55p if an additional rate taxpayer
  • Receipt of the annual Life Patrons’ Newsletter
  • Complimentary tickets to the annual programme of lectures at the Castle
  • An annual invitation to the Life Patrons’ Reception, Museum Tour and Lecture at the Castle
  • Recognition on the Life Patrons’ Roll of Honour displayed in the Museum, and on the website (or to remain anonymous if requested)


  • Life Patrons do not have any legal or management responsibilities in connection with The Museum

Life Patron Application

  • I wish to become a Life Patron by making a regular gift aided donation of £25 per month, or more, in support of the Soldiers of Shropshire Museum

  • Payment Instructions

    Payment InstructionsnPlease instruct your bank or building society to pay by Standing OrdernI would like to make a regular monthly donation to the Soldiers of Shropshire Museum
  • Please pay

    Please paynSoldiers of Shropshire MuseumnHolts (RBS)nSort Code: 16-19-26 A/c No: 10597749
  • And monthly thereafter on the same date until further notice

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