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The Soldiers of Shropshire Museum is a charity. Since the collections of the Shropshire Regiments were first brought together under one roof in 1985, the Shropshire Regimental Museum Trust has acted to collect, protect and display the objects significant to the histories of the Shropshire regiments and beyond. This has meant our visitors have been able to enjoy the stories of how the regiments and the British Army changed the world, and learn of the sacrifices made by Shropshire Soldiers.

As an independent Museum, we receive no public funding, and in 2017 our MOD funding was withdrawn (along with a number of other Regimental and Corps Museums). Our access to funding and commercial opportunity is limited and our Landlord, Shropshire Council collects the admission charges. Now, more than ever, we are reliant on the kind support of individuals to keep the museum open and our significant objects on display.

Our Museum is home to over 16,000 items making it one of the most complete and comprehensive Regimental Collections in the UK. Care of these to ensure they are available to future generations comes at a cost, and we still rely on the support of individuals, trusts and foundations to help us meet them. Visiting the museum is the best way you can show your support, but there are lots of other ways you can support our work too. Find out how from the menu on the left…

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